/16 Reasons Why You Should Never Visit Arkansas

16 Reasons Why You Should Never Visit Arkansas


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When people speak about Arkansas, they talk in hushed tones peppered with a curse word or two. The Southern state may seem harmless at first glance, but the truth is far worse than you can imagine.

#1. Newsflash: Hell really does exist on earth. They call it Arkansas.

Flickr: Wayne Kizziar

Hot Springs Mountain Tower.

#2. This is a godforsaken place you should never, ever visit.

Flickr: Paul Barrows

Junction Bridge, Little Rock.

#3. It looks like a post-apocalyptic underworld.

Flickr: Clarke

Garven Woodland Gardens, Hot Springs.

#4. Were not kidding its really that horrible.

Flickr: super*dave

Mt. Magazine.

#5. Pure desolation everywhere you look.

Flickr: Richard M. Nixon

Pastoral, Liberty.

#6. Its so-called tourist attractions are revolting, to put it mildly.

Flickr: Clayton Wells

Falling Water Falls, Ben Hur.

#7. Even animals cant stand the place its infested by insects and the occasional raccoon.

Flickr: Jeff Rose

Elk Herd, Boxley Valley.

#8. Take a long, hard look at this lost deer, a.k.a descendant of Satan.

Flickr: Jeff Rose

Whitetail Deer, Buffalo River Area, Ponca.

#9. And the bodies of water? Just nasty.

Flickr: Got.Sugg.Photo

Waterfalls, The Ozarks.

#10. Have your ever seen anything dirtier?

Flickr: Jeff Rose

Lake Willastein, Maumelle.


Flickr: Got.Sugg.Photo

Waterfalls, The Ozarks.

#12. Its a miracle people still consider this place habitable.

Flickr: Lordwalt

Old Mill, Lakewood, North Little Rock.

#13. Cant they tell a hellhole when they see one?

Flickr: Clayton Wells

Haw Creek Campground, Fort Douglas.

#14. This is obviously one of the worst places on the face of the earth.

Flickr: Clayton Wells

Pinnacle Mountain Education Pond, Natural Steps.

#15. Anyone who has had the misfortune of staying in this hell-hole should be pitied.


Buffalo National River.

#16. Residents should really get the hell out and never look back.

Flickr: Mr. Greenjeans

Petit Jean State Park.