5 Mistakes Beginner Backpackers Make

5 Mistakes Beginner Backpackers Make

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Thru-Hiking the Appalachian Trail and the PCT I’ve learned some things the hard way. So I’ve taken some of those experiences and those of my fellow hikers to make a video for you so maybe you won’t make the same mistakes! Thank you for watching!

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Barry Hemmy says:

Correct weather sleeping bag and gear are essential. Also notify someone before you go exactly where you are. Nutrition is also very important.

Andrew Martin says:

excellent advice.

Greg Selkirk says:

Michael Jordan did indeed come out dribbling and dunking, but I get your point.

Nim Shadow says:

#1 – Schlepping too much stuff. Applies to backpacking or going with a group in a tour bus. 🙂 I bought this itty-bitty backpack before going to the Holy land because I'm terribly guilty of this. It held everything I was really needing but not a whole lot that I didn't.

Madelyn Annett says:

This is my first time seeing your channel and you are so down to earth and interesting cant wait to see more!!

Marcin Wojtaszczyk says:

No matter how much I pack, there always has to be room for one spare set of clean clothes to put on when going back on train or bus. Last time I didn't have those even flies was dying if sit on me.

cowpoke02 says:

pack light and cover more ground .. haha .. make sure you have dinner .. thats plenty of food .. bring a light snack maybe.

CARL A Hodge says:

I think I was a Ho Bo in a past life lol

CARL A Hodge says:

WOW tell us more

Donald Parker says:

Mistake 5 reminded me of an old joke … "Do you want to know how to make God laugh? Just tell him your plans"

Andy Sauer says:

Are you an german

skapunk010 says:

I recently got back from a trip to Japan, wanted to do the Sea to Summit Route for Mt Fuji.  I'm a fast walker, I have a long and quick stride, figured I could do the some 43km trek in 12 hours to summit.  After all, how hard could it be?  I've seen videos and read stories of less fit people doing the Sea to Summit route in a day, and with my quick pace half that time should be no problem.  Boy was I wrong.  I took too much water from the start for a 1 day trek where vending machines and convenience stores are present throughout most of the way.  Pack weighed about 25 lbs at start, and I underestimated just how much that weight would slow me down.  Biggest mistake, however, was pushing myself to go as fast as possible in a vain attempt to be as close to that 12 hour timeline as possible.  The blisters were no big deal, but the stress of range of movement plus load is what cost me.  Eventually, on a rocky trail some 25km in, my body had enough, I received one hairline fracture in my femur and one in my tibia, I was reduced to a slow limp and eventually, about 7km from Fujinomiya 5th station (the normal starting point,) I had to hail a cab to take me the rest of the way to the station, where I stayed through the night and bought a ticket for the first bus back to Fuji City in the morning.  Mt Fuji looms over me now, scoffing at my arrogance.  One day I'll be back, though, Fuji-san, and I will conquer you.  A very important lesson was learned that day that I will take into account when I go back to Japan in 2 months to hike the Kamikochi – Yari – Hotaka Circuit in the Japanese Alps.

Raine Ticket says:

Sort of like a AT hike, I went into the Navy for 2 years overseas.
Plan was to party. I did, and had fun. Peace & Love

Terry Valèntïné Dean says:

Where I live a good axe is hardly luxury. Hhhhhhha. It's essential or you freeze to death .

Michael Winslow says:

This was very well done! I wore boots for a couple years then hiked the Grand Canyon with trail runners and never used boots again! First aid kits was something I trimmed way down thanks to Mike Clelland.

Koda Exploring says:

Pretty good list !!!

sagelost says:

Has anybody ever been able to pack enough chocolate?

Raymond Dam says:

Michael Jordan did in fact, pop out of the whomb, and started dribbling a basketball.

Vincent Fregeac says:

Early backpacking days was with a tape player (not a walkman, they didn't exist yet) plus batteries and tapes, canned food, glass bottles for the cocktails (with many s) at the end of the day, and ending up with a backpack that was more than half my own weight I'd carry for 30+ miles per day as planned. I still enjoyed it a lot – I was young and stupid but mainly young, it helps a lot – and hiker hunger came really fast!

splashmt99 says:

LeBron James would have been a better example, since he is the new GOAT.

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CQR CLSL CQ-TLP104-CYT_32W/32L Men's Tactical Pants Lightweight EDC Assault Cargo TLP104

From Amazon

Sales Rank 131 CQR

CQR Tactical gear are constructed with a hint of military…
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