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5 Tips on Visiting Casa Batllo in Barcelona, Spain

5 Tips on Visiting Casa Batllo in Barcelona, Spain

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Are you planning to visit Casa Batllo this year?

The house is a symbolic work of Catalan architect, Antoni Gaudi. His nature-inspired style is conspicuous throughout the Barcelona City.

Photo by David Berkowitz CC BY 2.0

Casa Batllo is hard to miss due to its ornate façade. Before the Batllo family hired Gaudi to reconstruct the house in 1904, it was an ancient and traditional structure. Since then, it’s been nothing short of a jewel in the Barcelona masterpiece.

Tips on Visiting Casa Batllo
Photo by Blair-39 CC BY-SA 2.0

The Casa was opened as a tourist attraction in 2002. And thanks to the recent Casa Batlló’s restoration exercise, the design style and audio tour around is exceptional and unique.

Here’s how to make the best of your experience here.

1. Get Tickets Online

Do you want to save on time and money? Then book your tickets online. It’ll save you the hassles of waiting in the ticket line.

Currently, there are three types of tickets which you can buy; blue, silver, and gold. The silver and gold tickets save you the hassle of waiting in line.

If you want to visit the other two casas; Casa Vicens and Casa Milla, then go for a combined entrance ticket.

2. Pay the Right Ticket

Never pay more than the value you’re getting. For instance, there’s a discount for children below the age of 18 years. The same happens to students with valid school IDs, Barcelona residents and seniors above 65 years of age.

For a child below the age of 7 years, the entrance is free. Tour guides and teaches accompanying the group gain entrance at zero costs.

3. Utilize the Free Wi-Fi

With the latest updates, Casa Batllo has a stable internet connection in the museum. You can use the Wi-Fi in different ways like searching and booking for a bar or café.

Alternatively, use the Wi-Fi to reply to your emails. But remember to exercise due diligence before visiting any site.

4. Choose Your Entrance Time

When do you want to visit the facility? Your ideal time is dependent on several factors. For instance, when are you available? You should also consider traffic to the Casa before making the bookings.

When making the purchase, you’ll note that time slots are labelled with a green, red or yellow colour. All this is dependent on the tickets available for the specific time slot.

For example, when booking tickets in advance, then go for green tickets. It’s also advisable to make the booking early afternoon or late morning to avoid the crowds.

5. Plan a Visit at Night

Tips on Visiting Casa Batllo1
Photo by Tokyographer CC BY-SA 2.0

Do you want to see the Casa at its magical moment? Then take an hour-long tour at 8 pm followed by the concert at the rooftop.

Here, you’ll get a show every night during the warm weather. Even better, the musical arts are always changing. Take the opportunity to sip your favourite drink as you listen to world-class performance.

What’s the Experience inside Casa Battlo?

In simple terms, the experience inside Casa Batllo is enchanting. It looks like the kind of house fairytale where characters live.

Tips on Visiting Casa Batllo3

The house doesn’t have any hard edges or sharp lines — everything inside here is inspired by nature which is evident even before you learn its history.

Once inside, explore every part of this home. Such include the dragons back, back courtyard, stairwells and rooftop terrace. The roof is designed to look like the dragons back, thus improving Casa’s appeal.

Tips on Visiting Casa Batllo4
Photo by Andrew BoothCC BY-ND 2.0

The Gaudi’s signature mosaic is everywhere in the building, complete with its colours and shines. Everything about this home is a masterpiece. Therefore, be sure to inspect the ceilings, stairwells, back alleys and floors like you do to walls and main rooms.

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