7 Craziest Nail Trends We’ve Seen This Year

7 Craziest Nail Trends We’ve Seen This Year

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Ladies, 2016 was a fruitful year for some crazy ideas. We loved every bit of it! Girls were gluing interesting and unexpected things on their nails, we saw models rocking a mixture of metals on their nails while on the runway, and Pinterest was blowing up as well. Did you do anything crazy to your nails this year? Are you a short nail gal or the longer – the better? Tell us in the comments and don’t forget to check out these insane styles below.

100 layers of anything and everything
Brought to us by the YouTube 100 Layers Challenge that has taken the Internet by storm. First off: it takes a lot of time to put 100 coats of nailpolish on your nails! Some even called it a ‘Polishmountain’ (no joke!). It must be heavy too. Girls experimented with colors and nail polish consistencies and frankly, it looks kind of cool. Check it out!




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