7 Hikers Who Mysteriously Disappeared

7 Hikers Who Mysteriously Disappeared

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Here is the list of the 7 unsolved mysteries of hikers who mysteriously vanished into thin air.

From a hiker who disappeared while on his summer vacation in Hawaii to a 65 year old women who went missing while hiking on national park.

7. Trenny Gibson
6. Daylenn Pua
5. Douglas Legg
4. Derrick Engebretson
3. Debbie Blair
2. Matthew Greene
1. Jeffrey Zoltowski

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kricketcraze EXCO says:


Erween Adventures says:

My hiking adventures is over and I haven’t even started yet

Crazy talk says:

Is sad when people value money more then people 😒

docchocobo says:

But for one helicopter pilot that man lost his life. News flash charging the price the fuel once you get him home. That was pure negligence

J.J. Sutton says:

at 7:55 …..there is something very unsettling, even disturbing about this guys face/smile; not sure what it is. but if this guy knocked on my door asking for help, i dont think id be too quick to invite him in my home

Zodikal says:

Even if they're experienced they can still get into an accident, it's not that uncommon…

Brent Delong says:

Bad blisters with miles to hike is a life threatening situation. I'll just take all your survival equipment and you can crawl back to civilization. What a dumbass.

AdamEater says:

Jeff Zybeck and Dick Richards were the most mysterious disappearances of all time

Imua Imua says:

Wow being from Hawaii born and raised this was trippy to watch.

Teen Rahiri says:

well the pilot has a lot to answer to,he told him his feet hurt and that he needed a ride,no concern he might not make it back….common sense would obviously think that….now the dude is missing on pilot…like a case in australia when bus didn't stop to pick up a young boy @ the bus stop was late afternoon on highway….boy has never been found…..these are sad yet could have been avoided.

jacobtb1 says:

#4 broke my heart

Anthony Butler says:

Some of these are none to mysterious but those two young boys were very suspect…

WolfAnarchyVonCreepy says:

Frank Milligans mugshot looks like Frankenstein

caught you in another lie says:

predators haunt popular trails…so stay off them

ishe nicole says:

That pilot could help this guy out or at least inform someone.. Horrible pilot

Jason All Lives Splatter !! says:

Tranquilizer shoot in the butt then dragged off trali !!! Then hog tie them and place on horse !! Then chain them in your cabin for a slave or you can contact people in need of organs This is a very evil world !! Or maybe a beast just used them as food !!!! Or maybe they just went to God ? Or maybe they out there in the forest as a pile of bones !!!

Dr. Demento ! says:

At 2:47 Does anyone notice the Photo has a mans Eye with Glasses,either superimposed on it,or a simple reflection ? ? ? ?

Duane Parsons says:

This is just bizarre. The fake news should have a case on every night. They are obviously being kidnapped. This is not 0aranormal or Bigfoot I did think it could be teradactyls but that's because they seem to go up in the air. Deborah

Baba Yaga says:

RIP to all of them

Miss Vanjie says:

That photo of Matthew Greene… he doesn't look happy… he looks terrified.

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