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Hiking with Samoyeds: Herman Gulch Colorado! | Anxiety Chat

Hiking with Samoyeds: Herman Gulch Colorado! | Anxiety Chat

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Hiking Herman Gulch Of of I70, Colorado



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  • juanje99 says:

    Hi Kait,

    I'm a mental health professional. Your feelings are valid and real. They occur more often than more people could ever guess.

    You seem like a beautiful human soul and I'm glad you're able to understand how to overcome that.

    The dogs are the best doggers ever. Tell them I love them.

    Kind regards,
    A Subscribee!

  • Alexandra Roberts says:

    Omg!!! I’m soooo exited! I’m getting a Samoyed on Sunday!!!! Can you do a “ new dog” video? Thank you. ( your dogs r soo cute!!)

  • Amber Trumpler says:

    Awe, so nice to see you and the girls on a hike! Love your truthful ending!! I think you are a super brave young woman to explore out on your own. I know you have said in the past you like to travel on your own to meet new and interesting people. It is interesting as I watched you go up the mountain with your girls and thought it a little risky, and way outside my box. But, I knew you are so experienced at hiking, so I felt your confidence! It was a beautiful place to share with your viewers, so thank you! You are an amazingly pet owner, so I can see how you became overwhelmed about Tinkerbelle’s fatigue exacerbated by your own fatigue and your surroundings. I am sorry you had to experience that anxiety, but I am so proud of you for working your way through it!! That is very hard to overcome and you did it!! I am glad your were able to drive home safely too!! You are stronger than you know! Thanks for your honesty and for sharing!!

  • carbonjen says:

    Thank you for being open about your anxiety! Sometimes it can be hard because on social media, so many people I know and follow don't talk about these things (even I can be one of those people) which makes it feel even more isolating if you have bad anxiety. Glad you worked through it and that you and the dogs are okay!

  • WinterWind 34 says:

    love this channel so much ❤️

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