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No Bank Account – How To Apply for Tourist Visa Without Bank Statements

No Bank Account – How To Apply for Tourist Visa Without Bank Statements

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One sad thing about having a not a powerful passport, like one from the Philippines, is that we need to apply for a visa to some countries like the USA, Canada, Japan, China, Schengen Countries, and a whole lot more.

A common visa requirement is a Bank Statement or a Bank Certificate. The main goal of having a bank account is for the consulate/embassy to know that you have enough funds to travel to their country. Moreover, if you have money, then it won’t result in you working there illegally because you depleted it and they would also know that you can spend money in their country and contribute to their economy.

Ideally, I recommend that you open your bank account now and wait for the next 3 months so you’ll be able to have the bank statement that is required for the application. Don’t worry about the amount of money, you can read my article here about Show Money for your visa application.

But what if you don’t have one? Well, don’t worry because even if you don’t have a bank account, you can still go to visa-required countries. How? Well, this is what the article is for, we’ll let you know how to apply for a visa even if you don’t have a bank account!

Submit Proof of your Business or Certificate of Employment

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Having a business or a job means you receive regular money or have money coming in every month. However, you don’t deposit it to a bank but may have other means of saving it, maybe via piggy banks or other investments.

If you own a business or are self-employed, you may submit:

  • a copy of Business Registration from SEC/DTI
  • Business Permit or Mayor’s Permit
  • Income tax return

In case you are new, you can submit photocopies of your monthly or quarterly percentage tax payments (Form 1701 or 1701Q) as it states your gross income and the embassy can evaluate from there how much money you earn.

If you are an online business owner, then you can show a screenshot of your store and the transactions you have made per month. You can also submit remittances or any proof that you are earning. However, I do recommend you to register and pay taxes for a much smoother visa application in the future.

For Employees:

  • Employment Certificate
  • Income Tax Return

Employees without bank accounts may submit 6-3 months worth of payslips that can serve as proof of the money you are receiving. But hey, if you have an ATM, you can use your payroll account.

However, if you are an online freelancer – you can send a copy of the contract for your client or a certificate of employment, if none, a screenshot of your e-mails/conversations and PayPal transaction or remittances. Though, I do recommend for you to register and pay taxes for a much smoother visa application in the future.

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A sponsor is someone who is going to support your trip financially. It could be your partner, parents, relatives or friends. If you have a sponsor, then you may need a guarantee letter or a notarized “Affidavit of Support.” Make sure your sponsor has a bank account since instead of yours, you will be submitting your sponsor’s Bank Certificate or Bank Statement and other proof of financial capacity (Business Certificates or Employment Certificates).

If you are getting sponsored, submit proof of relationship too if they are your parents or relatives; Birth Certificates or Marriage Certificates. If a partner, maybe you can add pictures also, to prove you have been together for a long time.

However, the embassies may be specific on what proof they want so better check their website. I have an article on How A Legal Resident In The UK Can Sponsor Your UK Tourist Visa.

Show Proof of Property Ownership

You can submit copies of properties you own; as this can serve as an asset and also the embassy can see you have deep roots in your country. You may show Land Titles, Condominium Unit Titles, Investment on Stocks, or Car Registration, this can prove that the money you spent might not be in the bank, but you invested it properly. If you also are a member of a Cooperative, where you put your savings, you can ask them if they can issue you a certificate that you are a member and you have XX savings capitalized.

Showing property ownership can’t only help you in proving your financial capacity but also your ties to the country. You can read here about 7 Ways On How You Can Prove Deep Rootedness or Deep Ties In Your Country.

Show Other Sources of Income

Popular Home-based Jobs for Filipinos
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If you have other sources of income, you can add it for additional proof. For example, you are renting a part of your house; you can submit a Contract of Lease. If you have part-time jobs, especially online ones, you can also give proof of transactions and remittances. If you get a monthly allowance from your partner, then you can also submit 6-3 months’ worth of receipts during your visa application.

Make a Cover Letter

A Cover letter or a Letter of explanation may help you in your Visa Application. You can place in that letter your explanation as to why your requirements are lacking; especially bank accounts, why this certain person is sponsoring you, why you want to go to visit this country.

Make sure your cover letter is in English and grammatically correct and the message you want the embassy will be conveyed. If they get the point, it may give you a chance to get approved, however, if they get confused they may deny you a visa. If you need help, Jonathan offers a Cover Letter Writing Service which you can use for several Visa Applications (you just have to edit it).

Cover Letter Writing by Jonathan Howe

Having no bank account is a bit of an inconvenience in applying for a visa. However, having none won’t deny you an opportunity to have a visa to the country you are dreaming of.

To avoid the hassle, you can always apply for a bank account. It’s effortless to get one. Most banks need IDs, bills with your address and money for opening an account. It’s better to choose one with online options especially if you are traveling abroad as you can open your statements online. Moreover, if you have a bank account, you won’t go through with additional steps.

You can get approved without a bank account; I heard countless stories of visa approval. So don’t be afraid to follow these steps and aim for one because you can get a visa even if you don’t have a bank account. Happy Travels!

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