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These Hiking Norway Photos are like Fairy Tale

These Hiking Norway Photos are like Fairy Tale

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Theres something incredibly mysterious and magical about Norway, and these gorgeous photos of the Norwegian countryside and architecture dotting the land look like theyve been plucked straight out of a storybook.

#1. A natural pool in the forest Oslo.



#3. Kvednafossen Waterfall Oppland.

Lars Neumann

#4. Fantoft Stave Church Bergen.

Juanita Wilder

#5. Lake Bondhus Bondhusbreen.

Jindra Reutsjeid

#6. Renndlsetra Sunndal.


#7. Old seter huts Norangdal Valley.

Surabaya Johnny 99

#8. A fishermans hut Undredal.

Ester Ayerdi

#9. An ancient road Vindhellavegen.


#10. At the End of the World Tjme.

Allan Pedersen

Yes, thats actually the name of the place.

#11. The bridge over Latefossen Waterfall Odda, Hordaland.


#12. Trees growing on the roof of a house Hemsedal.

National Geographic

#13. Fjord houses Stryn.


#14. A house with aurora borealis as a backdrop Grnoy.

Hans Marius Mindrum

#15. A barn and barn bridge Valldal Valley.

Thor News

#16. Borgund Stave Church Borgund.


#17. A fairy tale house Hunderfossen, Lillehammer.

Ester Ayerdi

#18. An old village unknown location.


#19. An old ster house Sykkylven.

Johanne Marie Rogn

#20. A small house by a lake Oppland.





23 Photos Of Norway That Look Like They Are Straight Out Of A Fairy Tale

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