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I wanted to share what I usually carry for a light day pack when I’m not going on a 17 mile hike, lol. This is all I will usually carry when I’m going on a less strenuous hike through the mountains, because carrying less feels good! Also, let me know your thoughts on Mount Whitney!

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The Camino Project: follow us along the way says:

Helpful! https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCTxApBMqUgZGiSV5RnCCupQ

Dirk Anderson says:

You are a breath of fresh air! I'm in San Luis Obispo with all the clones. I did Whitney several times (40 years ago!) when I was about your age. The Hiking Trail of course. No matter the strategy always some kind of compromise. Safety First, Lightening don't go near that summit, avoid it especially in the afternoons, stay down below in the trees. I did it up and down in one long day always got a bit of headache. Camping overnight will of course get you acclimated with additional logistics and weight filter/purify water! Critters will chew through anything to get at food.
I have some interest in hiking Whitney again and doing some Ham Radio Morse Code at the top. Voice had been done already. I am thinking 3-5 days I am more patient than I use to be.
Best wishes and warmest regards.

Bill Spenceley says:

I think that it is critical as part of your physical preparation that you include a daily regimen of stretching all the significant muscle groups in your legs, ankles, and feet. Since you mentioned that your knees bother you sometimes, you might want to consider the mechanics of the shoes that you are training with, and the shoes that you will be hiking up the mountain in. A more flexible shoe will take more of the energy of hiking (or running) in your ankles and not so much in your knees. A shoe that more locks the ankle, will transfer more energy and stress to the knees. Having strong ankles then is critical to handling stress there, and not in the knees, so stetch that achilles!

Mike O'Brien says:

I’ve done Whitney several times. I took a harder route than the main trail, and really, if you’re young and in good shape…it’s not that hard. Join the Mt. Whitney group on Facebook. Oh, and learn to live without the deodorant. Once you hit 12,000 feet, ounces feel like pounds. Anything you don’t need to survive the trek…you’ll want to leave at home. Everyone stinks in the back country, no one will judge you 🙂

Charles Le says:

Have you done Whitney yet? My girlfriend did it last year and I will be doing it this year with her. She says the it's hardest hike she's ever done and she's scare of heights but she will do it again anyway

Jack Mehoff says:

not sure if you been yet but train at elevation. if ypu know someone in mammoth, tahoe, etc. you can even do shorter hikes at horseshoe meadows next to whitney. aro7nd 10,000ish ft.

Elvay says:

You have easy access to very good training hikes. (San Gorgonio via Vivian Creek, San Jacinto from Idylwild, Cactus to Clouds, Baldy via Bear Canyon, Big Iron from Heaton Flat) Once you do something like San G just once, the other climbs seem easy imho. And they say if you conquer those climbs before heading to Whitney, you'll have a sucessful summit, weather permitting ofc. Personally I will find out in August if it's true. GL with your permit aquisition!

JoeDoe_ Outdoors says:

Hi awesome channel ☺ Keep it up!

Suriyan Ramasami says:

If you do it as day hike, its easier to get a permit. Also if you go one day before the hike you can potentially get the permit free.

Maisie Matheny says:

I want to do mt whitney next year! I don't really know you but hit me up if you're interested! 🙂 my insta is @maisiematheny

Dick Gaines says:

How to Climb Mount Whitney in One Day Paperback – April, 1997
by Sharon Baker Salony (Author) Everthing you need to know. drove to the portal at 3:30 back at 5:30.. that was 13 years ago
when I was 55. Did the HST in 5 days last year in Sept. I'm in good but not great shape. Go have a great time and take
half the food you think you'll eat, but stay hydrated and you'll avoid altitude problems. Have lots of Jolly Rancher candies.

winky phillips says:

Go for it! I summited last September 15th. It was magnificent and I plan on doing it again. I did the 1 day round trip and took us about 18 hours with multiple breaks. We trained round tripping Mt. Wilson every weekend and I spent 4 days in Whitney portal hiking around to acclimate before the hike. I got the lottery for half dome Sept. 1 in a few weeks and am training a bit for that now.

SuperRainbowSprinkle says:

I tried to climb Mt. Whitney a couple years back in October. The highest I had climbed before that was a little over 11,000 ft so I thought I would be fine going to 14,000 but I started getting nauseous around 11,500! By the time I reached trail camp at 12,000 ft I was done for. I really want to try again soon though! I think my biggest problem was carrying way too much weight.

dave miller says:

Mt Everest 50k+ or Mt Whitney $25 Day Permit…..I'll hike Whitney lol

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CQR CLSL CQ-TLP104-CYT_32W/32L Men's Tactical Pants Lightweight EDC Assault Cargo TLP104

From Amazon

Sales Rank 131 CQR

CQR Tactical gear are constructed with a hint of military…
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