/When It Comes To Hiking, These Pets Have Some Seriously Mixed Feelings About It

When It Comes To Hiking, These Pets Have Some Seriously Mixed Feelings About It

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Summertime is the perfect time to pack a sandwich, lace up those hiking boots, and head to the trails. That is…if you”re one of those outdoorsy types. If you”re more of a sit-in-the-shade-with-a-book kind of person, and like to log your miles in the comfort of an air-conditioned gym…hiking might not be your favorite thing to do.

These furry guys all have mixed feelings about the whole thing, but obligingly followed their humans on their quest for fresh air.

1. “…Why”d it have to rain?”


2. “Let”s be honest, you could use some weight training.”


3. “Someone please explain to me why I agreed to this…and was excited for it?”

4. “Just…five more minutes. Also, you”re carrying me down…right?”

"Just...five more minutes. Also, you

5. “…Tell me again why you can”t carry your own sandwiches?”

"...Tell me again why you can

6. “Do you SEE all this open space? There is nothing to distract me from how much farther we have to walk!”

7. “Anyone have an extra Windbreaker?”

8. “That was okay, but I”m more excited for the nap I”m about to take…”

"That was okay, but I

9. She”s happy Dad finally agreed to carry her the rest of the way!


10. “I thought it was “just a little hill”…”

"I thought it was

11. Maybe if you”d stopped to smell the roses, you wouldn”t be so tuckered out?

Maybe if you

12. “I mean…someone HAS to have a backpack I fit into?”

13. “Okay, yes, this view is great. Can we go home now?”

14. “Ready whenever you are!”

15. “Oh, you think this is a high five? No…please pick me up. I can”t go on any longer.”

"Oh, you think this is a high five? No...please pick me up. I can

16. “Where are my fancy polarized sunglasses?”

17. *Dreaming of an air-conditioned living room.*

*Dreaming of an air-conditioned living room.*

18. “What do you mean we”re lost?!”

"What do you mean we

19. “How do I get down? I want to get down. GET ME DOWN.”

20. “Tell me honestly: did you really think it would be a good idea to take a cat on a hike? DID YOU?!”

21. “This delicate face and frame were not built for hiking, Dad.”

22. “You couldn”t even pack me my own water? Rude.”

"You couldn

23. “On second thought…maybe the goggles were a little much.”


25. “…You sure you can find your way back?”

Even if they did get a little sweaty, break a nail, or get their freshly groomed coat splattered with a bit of mud….I”m sure that deep down they know that the great outdoors did them some good!

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